Privacy Policy


Welcome to NOVALAB Inc.'s Privacy Policy. At NOVALAB Inc., we value your privacy and are committed to protecting your data. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and use your information and the measures we take to safeguard your data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does NOVALAB protect my privacy?

At NOVALAB Inc., we recognize the importance of your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with insights into how we utilize the information we collect and how we ensure the security of your data.

2. How can I stop playing a NOVALAB game?

If you wish to discontinue playing a NOVALAB game, follow these steps:

Privacy Policy Details

1. General Information

This Privacy Policy has been crafted to ensure it's easily understood by users. NOVALAB Inc. (referred to as "NOVALAB," "we," or "our") develops and publishes Facebook Instant Games. This Privacy Policy applies whenever you use our games (referred to as "Services"), which are owned by NOVALAB. It describes how we collect and protect user data and other relevant information.

This Privacy Policy is always accessible. In the event of changes or amendments, we will notify users by posting the updated version on this site.

2. Information Collection During Service Usage

2.1. Logging in Through Facebook Messenger

To use our Service, you may log in through your Facebook Messenger account. During this process, our Services collect the following information:

2.2. Personal Information and Game Data

Personal information such as your name and profile picture is NEVER stored or cached but is used for creating a personalized user experience, including personalized share images. Game data related to your behavior in our Services is NEVER stored or cached but is used to maintain your progress.

2.3. Managing Information Through Facebook

To manage the information our Services receive through Facebook, follow Facebook's instructions for modifying your information and privacy settings. Find privacy management tools for applications on Facebook

3. Advertisements in Our Services

Our Services may display advertisements from companies other than NOVALAB, which may link to their own websites, online services, or mobile applications. NOVALAB is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these advertisements. If you have questions about how these services use your information, please review their policies and contact them directly.

4. Push Notifications

4.1. Information Delivery

We send information about our Services and relevant content through messages via Facebook Game Messenger Bots (referred to as "push notifications").

Push notifications are sent through Facebook Messenger with user consent. You can receive push notifications by enabling messages. Your browser, app, or device must support push notifications. To facilitate this, our Services store your game-scoped ID, Facebook Messenger user ID, language setting, and timestamp of your last access, provided when you first play the game.

4.3. Opting Out of Push Notifications

You can opt out of push notifications at any time by disabling the function through your Facebook Messenger settings:

5. User's Right to Revoke Data Access

5.1. Removing Games

You can always remove a game from your list of active Instant Games by visiting

5.2. Effects of Revoking Data Access

Revoking data access prevents our Services from making additional data requests or sending messages.

5.3. Deleting Game History

You can delete your game history on Facebook for our Services:

5.4. Additional Concerns

If you've removed our Service from your list of active apps, all your playing history and data have been deleted. If you have more concerns about our Services, contact us at

6. Office Responsible for Information Protection

6.1. Designated Officer

To facilitate information protection and handle complaints, NOVALAB designates an officer responsible for personal information protection.

6.2. Reporting Concerns

If you have concerns about your personal information, report them to the designated officer. We will review your concerns and provide a response.

6.3. Providing Accurate Information

Please provide sufficient and accurate information for us to evaluate your concerns properly. We may request additional information as needed for the evaluation.

6.4. Contact Details

You can reach out to us using the following contact details: